CC creation tools

  • TSR Workshop (TSRWS) :  Registration is required to download.  Latest version 2.0.86.  (I use 2.0.76.)
  I mainly use TSRWS for making CCs.  Also use s3pe when needed via TSR Workshop 1.2.7+ se3pePlugin.  Usually export files as sims3pack, and convert them to packages with Delphy's sims3pack Multi-Extracter.

In the case that TSRWS can not be used, such as default override files, I use these tools from simlogical - s3oc, s3pe and TT3 - for making CCs.

3D modeling softwares:

I use this for modeling.  I love its user-friendly User Interface.

Good modeler for free.  Enough functions for modeling meshes for Sims 2 and 3.  I use this for UV-mapping and smoothing control.

I use this for scaling and bone assignment.  I think its modeling function is enough for meshes for sims 3, but the major disadvantage is that it can handle only triangle faces.

If you look for modeling software for ts3 CCs creation, I recommend to look Blender first.  It's free and there are many plugins for ts3 CCs.   I don't use blender just because I don't like its UI.

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