Sunday, January 5, 2014

Step by step tutorial for making a decorative object - Step 4. Cloning base object

4.  Cloning base object

If you don't have TSR Workshop (TSRWS) yet, get it from this page in TSR. You need registered account to download it.   Install it following this instruction.  And install plug-ins for Milkshape following this instruction.

When launching TSRWS at first time, set the preferences.  

Edit > Preferences

In Game and EP settings, click browse and specify where your base game or EPs / SPs are installed.  If you use only base game objects as clone base, you need not specify those EPs/SPs.

Let's get started.   Open TSRWS and click Create New Project.

Click 'Object' icon.

In Object clone window,  select Decor > Miscellaneous Decor, and wait for a moment until all object icons appears.

I always use this kitchen utensils as clone base for small decorative objects.  Select it and click 'Next' button.

Generally objects have same functions and properties as its clone base.  So it's important to choose appropriate clone base.  If you want to see your object being kicked by your sims, you should clone a gnome or flamingo.

New Project window will open.  You have to edit Project Name, Title and Description.
The project name must be unique.  This name will be used as object ID.  If there are two or more object with same ID in one game, they will conflict each other.

I usually use the combination of my creator name, object name I like, and date for Project name.
For Title, I recommend to include your creator name in it so that CC users can easily know creators name in game, launcher, CC Magic, etc..

Write the description for your object, and click Next.

Now the clone base was cloned.  Save this project file (.wrk format) before edit anything. 

Go to Mesh tab.  You'll see 'High level of detail'.  Click red arrow next to it, and export this high detail mesh for next step.
In next step, we will edit this wso file in Milkshape. 


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