Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to make default replacement (override) file

I learned this from Inge's comment on this thread@MTS.

Whether CAS items or objects, the point is to un-check "Renumber/rename internally" when cloning in s3oc.
You can not use TSRWS for making default replacement files.

I'd like to explain the process using a plant as an example.

1) Open s3oc and select Cloning > Normal Objects.  Then s3oc starts reading object catalogue.  Wait for a while.

2)  Objects are listed in alphabetical order.  Select the object you want to override.  In this case, I selected 'PlantMarigold'.   And click 'Clone or Fix' button.

3) Un-check "Renumber / rename internally", and click 'Start' button.  Save the package file somewhere you like.

4)  Open this package file in s3pe.

In the case of my default override of EA's flowers, I edited their FTPT and OBJD.  So I deleted other resources than FTPT and OBJD.

5) In resulting file, edit the resources with s3pe as you like.   

The steps 4) and 5) will vary depending on which resources you want to edit.  In any cases, edit the resources which you want to override, and delete other unnecessary (same as default) resources.

6) Once finished, put the file under MODs folder as usual.  Don't forget to delete cache file before testing it.


  1. So Smart! Now I can make something I tried a long time ago but could not...
    You are so Cool! Thank you :3

  2. Finally, an easy to follow tutorial! Thank you so much!