Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How to make CAStable glass

I learned this from Gosik’s tutorial (Simspiration 3, p. 48).  But it’s hard to find. So I post this tips here for object creators.

I picked this wall lamp as an example.

Group 0 is dropshadow, and Group 1 is whole objects having Phong shader.

I’m going to change group 1 to recolorable glass. If you want to leave one Phong group and added new glass group, duplicate group 1 and change new group 2 into glass.

This is Material editor window of group 1. You see its shader (left top) is Phong.

Select ‘Glass for Objects’ from pull-down menu.

Then this message pops out. Select NO.

Click +Add then select a parameter that you want to add.  I added ‘Edge darkening’ by reference to EA’s glass object.

(This step may not be necessary, though.)

You can change its transparency at ‘Diffuse’.

I set the A (alpha) to 170 for this example.  Leave the RGB parameters 255, 255, 255.
Material setting is done.

Replace textures with your own as usual, and test it in game.
Textures are not shown in TSRWS preview, you can see only in game.

Here is in-game shot of this example lamp.

It’s semi-transparent and CAStable. In addition, glass group does not glow when lit.


  1. Hello Pocci. I would like to thank you for the beautiful downloads and tutorials that dispnibiliza for us, simple players. ;) Until then my activity was only external and internal decoration and building something. I decided I could go a little further: converting objects! Cheers when I got my first conversion! Then I started to edit and create some meshes .... But I'm just beginner in the subject ... So, taking advantage of his great wisdom would ask him for help against objects with glass: eg When converting a vessel flowers, I decided that part of the vessel would be glass! Well, so far so good ... I followed this tutorial and workshop on the glass appears perfectly .... However, the game part of the texture becomes invisible. Would you assist me? (Excuse my translation .... My English is weak .... Depending Google Translator) Now appreciate your attention and look back! Hug a simple fan! S2

    1. Hello, thank you for kind comment! As for glass, if your glass part is completely invisible, please make sure you assigned the glass group to proper bone. Or if the glass texture is slightly visible, but transparent, please try increase the "A" value in Diffuse window.

  2. Thank you for your kind attention and for helping me! I think I found the problem! Not create an alpha channel for my texture .... I think that was the mistake, because the transparency of the group and knit are correct (according to your tutorial;)) Thank you and if I have another question not hesitate to ask ! Hugs!

    1. Glad to hear you found solution! Hugs to you too! :D