Thursday, December 26, 2013

Blue light problem in custom lightings

I've encountered this blue light problem in two cases, one was wall lamp and another was table lamp.

In the case of my wall lamp, I changed the parameters, including Positions, Intensity, Angle, Directions, Width, Height and color, in LITE Editor of TSRWS.

Tested this lamp in game. I noticed the blue light was emitted from the lamp towards wall. This blue light cannot be edited with TSRWS.

I fixed this blue light according to Juna's tips (written in Japanese).

The parameter "Shade Color" seems to define the light color towards wall. It can be found in LITE resource with s3pe. First I tried to edit this values in s3pe, click "commit", but it returned same value, (0, 0, 0.3).

In the file before editing LITE, "Shade Color" values are 0.246, 0.2571429, 0.3.

I exported LITE from this file, import it current file via s3pe-TSRW plugin, and edited the parameters other than Shade Color so as to be same as those in the file before importing LITE.

The weird blue light was fixed.

Juna guessed that the change on "Color" in TSRWS might caused this problem. I suppose so too.
So, when you want to change "Color" of your lamp, you should edit it in s3pe.

In the second case,  the problem occurred in a table lamp.

I previous case, I supposed the change in 'color' of light caused this problem. But I didn't change the color of the table lamp. I looked LITE of my table lamp and EA's with s3pe.

My lamp:
'ShadeColor' (RGB) was 0.1, 0.1, 0.4628713. Very blue...

EA's lamp:
EA's 'Color' was 1, 0.975, 0.85. This is slightly different from mine (1, 0.972549, 0.8431373). I think this small change caused blue shade color.

Then I newly cloned EA's lamp, and input the intended values in s3pe. 'ShadeColor' didn't turn blue this time, but after click "commit" the Y of LightSource Data returned to the original value -1. I have no idea why this value can't be edited with s3pe. I edited only this value in TSRWS, and it worked.

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