Sunday, December 29, 2013

Step-by-step tutorial for making walls

This tutorial was originally posted at BPS. Almost same but minor corrections.

tools needed:

  • TSR Workshop
  • any graphic software able to edit png images

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Making an object movable up-down

To make an object movable up-down,

Phong alpha

I'd like to post my findings about phong alpha shader with an example of semi-transparent curtains.

Phong alpha is only shader for which gray scale multiplier alpha layers can be applied. We can use CAStable glass shaders for semi transparent parts, but its transparency is defined by one parameter (simple monotone).

Object size - Visual Proxy and Model

Visual Proxy and Model under mesh tab of Workshop seem to define object size - the space that an object occupies. I learned this from juna's tutorial (written in Japanese) at her site .

You can change the range for placing an object by editing these parameters.

Blue light problem in custom lightings

I've encountered this blue light problem in two cases, one was wall lamp and another was table lamp.


Some objects such as bookshelves, dish washer, doll house, telephones, umbrella, etc. change their appearance depending on situations.  For example, bookshelves change their appearance depending on how much books it contains.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How to make CAStable glass

I learned this from Gosik’s tutorial (Simspiration 3, p. 48).  But it’s hard to find. So I post this tips here for object creators.

How to tilt container slots

By changing the orientation of their vectors, container slots can hold an object at a tilt.

You only have to change the rotation values of the slots to proper ones in s3pe.

How to edit reflection of flat mirror

By applying ‘Flat mirror’ shader to a group, you can easily have a mirrored part (not functional) in your mesh.  But the mirrored effect is properly applied only to flat plane parallel to xy plane. You have to adjust some parameters to make a mirrored plane which is not parallel to xy plane.